Chameleon Gems Game Review

The Zuma style games are exceptionally well known. Also, the an ever increasing number of designers make an ever increasing number of games utilizing the comparative ongoing interaction. Perhaps of the most recent game which consolidates Zuma interactivity for certain new elements is Chameleon Jewels. It’s exceptionally habit-forming and not really simple game and everyone should play it!

The majority of you likely know the fundamental guidelines of the game, however in the event that anybody don’t I’ll tell it for you. On game field variety balls (they are called ‘pearls’ in this game) move from one point (called ‘opening’ here) to another.. Your principal objective is to annihilate all variety balls by shooting distinctively shaded balls at them and making the gatherings of at least three chunks of a similar variety. Furthermore, various different rewards like fireball or dialing back of balls moving are normally given during the game.

As I previously composed before in Chameleon Pearls you should annihilate all jewels not permitting them to fall into the opening. The fundamental animal in this game is Chameleon – you control him and shoot hued jewels . You can get various different rewards, the most intriguing one is the Stone Weapon (it’s fascinating on the grounds that none of comparable games has it). At the point when you take it you get capacity to shoot little shakes at diamonds and annihilate them. The game is completely 3D and has one intrigued include – in some cases the pearls are moving above different jewels on a few levels , and when you obliterate basic diamond then upper pearls tumble down and you should annihilate them as well. It offers to a player more chances to obliterate jewels and to make chain response for diamonds annihilating. You even can finish the level having shot just a single diamond , however you should be very fortunate for it! 😉

Another excellent game element is the Shop. At the point when you obliterate jewels or end up the level you get scores and some cash. You can spend this cash in the Shop in the wake of winding up any level. Here you can purchase different rewards that will be dealing with the (following – ???) level for a specific timeframe (for instance you can purchase Fire Ball and on powerful you will get this reward at regular intervals ). You can purchase rewards for one next level just and it will cost less cash. For substantially more cash you can purchase various Chameleons. The Chameleons have various capacities – for instance standard Chameleon you begin playing with is Sky blue skin Chameleon and he hasn’t got any exceptional highlights. Yet, you can purchase Gold skin Chameleon and you will get by 20% more cash on a level. You can purchase various skins for Chameleon yet only one of them can be utilized for a level, and you can pick the skin for the level in the shop. The shop has a lot of positions to spend your cash, yet to get them all you ought to bring in heaps of cash! 😉