Let’s Talk Half-Ton Trucks

How does your Tow Vehicle Stack up in reality

I was staring at the TV a few evenings ago when a Ford business came on. They had two contenders vehicles snared to a 11,000 pound trailer and the person expresses something as per, it would take two trucks to tow a 11,000 pound trailer except if you have a Ford F-150 with a completely boxed outline. Presently, in light of how I make ends meet this business commercial quickly stood out.

My most memorable idea was that a completely boxed edge may be a pleasant component, however I found it challenging to accept that this was the explanation the truck could tow more weight than some other half-ton truck in the world. The if I’m not mistaken, purposes major areas of strength for behind evaluations were because of variables like the motor, transmission, and back hub proportion to give some examples. This provoked my interest and I concluded the following morning I would renounce my everyday work plan and examine this case, that a half-ton Ford F-150 could as a matter of fact Laweta tow 11,000 pounds securely.

The main thing to address was to check some distributed towing advisers for affirm Ford’s case. I began with the 2007 Ford Fleet Towing Guide. At the point when I went to the segment on half-ton trucks I found that the most noteworthy distributed tow rating recorded for a half-ton F-150 was 10,500 pounds. Upon additional assessment I observed that there was just a single F-150 truck, out of 56 designs accessible, with this 10,500 pound rating. It was an ordinary taxi 4X2, with a 144.5 inch wheelbase and a 4.10 pivot proportion. In any case, stand by there was a commentary, it read that this truck likewise required an uncompromising payload bundle, and in bracket it said (late accessibility). I don’t have any idea while this towing guide was distributed, or whether this hard core payload bundle was accessible at the hour of this composition.

We should see where we’re at up until this point. Out of 56 designs between Ford F-150 half-ton customary taxi, supercab and supercrew trucks, two wheel drive, four wheel drive, short bed and long bed models with 3.55, 3.73 or 4.10 hub proportions there was just a single F-150 half-ton truck evaluated to tow 10,500 pounds. The if I’m not mistaken a normal taxi, two-wheel drive long wheel base truck was not the most loved decision among the majority in the truck purchasing class.

However, stand by, there was another issue; the TV promotion said Ford had a half-ton F-150 that could tow 11,000 pounds, not 10,500. Prior to burning through a ton of time, for no great explanation, I chose to check two or three other 2007 towing guides I had lying around to check whether one of them could get up some free from this disarray. The 2007 RV Business Towing Guide recorded 49, F-150 trucks in different arrangements, of which the most noteworthy tow rating was 9,900 pounds. Again it was an ordinary taxi, two-wheel drive with a 8 foot bed and a 5.4 liter V-8 motor. There were two references which required a programmed transmission and a 4.10:1 hub proportion. The 2007 Trailer Life Annual Towing Guide recorded the equivalent 49, F-150 designs with a similar model evaluated to tow 9,900 pounds. Presently I was totally confounded. Will a F-150 tow 9,900, 10,500 or 11,000 pounds? I concluded I better contact someone at Ford about the TV ad and figure out what’s happening. Who was thinking correctly, the TV promotion or one of the distributed towing guides?